Vocabulary Conversation when Converting Techniques to Left vs Right.

We have been working hard to enhance an already amazing fighting system, Stockton Multi Style Escrima. Traditional martial arts predominantly trains right handed versus right handed. However, in steel fighting it is common to face left handed opponents. That is why we started working on a project to enhance Stockton Multi Style to include this new challenge.

After getting some great feedback from a number of outstanding martial artists, and great conversation with instructor Nelson Pinto, we came up with two ways to look at this conversion. The two terms are reverse and symmetric. The below video shows the difference between these terms. For our conversations in our new video series “Escrima to Sword and Shield” we will be using the symmetric version of the techniques.

Open Gym

On Friday nights Ironside Medieval Combat hosts open gym.  We have a wide mixture of fighting styles from armored combat, to HEMA, to boofer/LARP, to Ratan, and much more.  All can find a home at Ironside.  This last Friday we had guest fighters from several surrounding states.  It was a blast with some amazing fighting.  We had so many videos from fighting and pictures I created a YouTube play list for everyone to watch the videos and share as they please.


If you would like to know more about our open gym visit our website for more information.