Escrima to Sword and Shield

Now that instructors Janeal and Nicholas have developed a foundational understanding of Stockton Multi Style Escrima we worked on modifications. There are a lot of resources for Longsword with well developed curriculums and teaching methods. There isn’t nearly as much resources for learning and mastering sword and shield. Escrima has a unique history. It is a living fighting style that evolved from medieval sword fighting. We are taking the modern style and reverse engineering it to find new and better ways to fight with a sword and shield. Our goal was to address two issues. The first, what do these techniques look like when a right handed fighter faces a left handed fighter. This problem occurs often in medieval sword fighting communities. The second, how will these techniques work with longer sword and shield. We just worked on the first two techniques, out of the 115 Stockton has, for angle 1 in this video. Martial arts is always evolving. We learn from a wide variety of sources and instructors. That variety is what makes martial arts so special.

Ironside Medieval Combat and partnered with www.farang-alliance.org

Iron-Warrior, Iron Nutrition: April Nutrition

At Ironside, we do not push anything that we ourselves do not believe in ourselves. That led us to a few of the tenants of our nutritional plan. Our guiding principle: fad diets rarely work and sugar is bad!

We hear about the fad diet of the month all of the time and they gain popularity very quickly in pop culture circles. While some of these have merits to them and if followed through some people can get the results they are looking for. The problem is that most of these diets take away a lot of the enjoyment we get from eating in general. This lack of enjoyment is part of what makes people want to drop off and not follow through with the program or cheat all the time. These actions lead to the diets not giving the results someone wants. Do not sacrifice the enjoyment of your meals it will make your fitness journey harder than it has to be, especially in the beginning.

Sugar. It’s everywhere, in so many food, drinks, sauces, and even in things most people don’t even realize. Cutting back or completely removing as much processed sugar from your diet is a staple for anyone trying to get in shape or be an athlete. Most know that things such as soda, candy, and other sweet things have a lot of sugars, but with sugar being so addictive its hard to just drop it. Dropping sugar is a huge step to having better nutrition. The second thing is to pay attention to some of the products that are labeled “low fat”, many of these products add sugars to make them taste better. Fat isn’t alway a bad thing, but the added sugars are.

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Nelson Pinto

Instructor Nelson Pinto is offering private lessons in Self Defense, Filipino Martial Arts, Escrima, and much more!

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Janeal Ironside 2

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3Nicholas Ironside

Instructor Nicholas Ironside is offering private lessons in sword and shield, single sword, medieval martial arts, and much more!

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Game of Thrones Walking Bar Crawl – Ironside Demo

Prepare yourselves! Local Motive Events is hosting the first and largest Game Of Thrones WALKING bar crawl event Colorado Springs has ever seen!

Dress accordingly as we hop around The Known World from Winterfell, King’s Landing, and Dorne, to the Eyrie. We might even explore the foreign land of Essos.

Each carefully selected bar location will be representing a kingdom or house in GOT (Locations will be revealed as the date gets closer)

Upon arrival you will be given a map of the 7 kingdoms where your quests for the night will begin. Based on your quests you stand the chance at achieving lordship or ladyship and bring honor your house.

If you achieve knighthood you will be granted access to the 7th kingdom (A mystery location and trust us it will not be easy but it will be unforgettable!)

A final king and queen of the night will be crowned leaders of the 7 kingdoms! Will it be you?

Let the Game Of Thrones Begin!

Ironside Medieval Combat group will be gracing us with their protection on this night! They are a medieval martial arts school specializing in fully armored combat; think King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table!

Remember winter is coming and we must unite if we are to survive the long winter. Remember “the crawl is for all!”


Starting Location: Oskar Blues 118 N Tejon St
Check in time: 3:30 pm – 5:30 pm
Crawl start: 5:30 pm – 11 pm
Cost to join: $20

What you get with your ticket:

-A wristband that is required to gain access to the 7 kingdom locations
-Access to the best GOT themed drink and food specials.
-A souvenir “Map of the 7 Kingdoms” with a list of quests.
-You’ll get to crawl with hundreds of other GOT fans!
-GOT related entertainment throughout the night.
-Access to jump on the Local Motive Party Bus which will be serving as a FREE shuttle to bar stops throughout the night! (hello can you say dance party!)
-Surprise perks throughout the night including glorious crowns, secret access to hidden kingdoms, and the chance to become a king!

What You Need to Know:

Must be 21+ to participate.
Don’t drink and drive, arrange a designated driver, take public transportation or call a cab/uber.
Double check event logistics (starting time, location etc.)
Look for the Local Motive Sign to check in
Food & drinks are not included in tickets costs…let’s support these businesses!
Come with an open mind, go-with-the-flow attitude, and excitement to try new things and meet new people!

Please Note:

Participating bars and specials are subject to change at the sole discretion of the bars and/or promoter.
A limited number of tickets are available to ensure bars won’t be over crowded.
Must be 21+ to participate.
Don’t drink and drive, arrange a designated driver, take public transportation or call a cab/uber.

Ticket Refund Policy

We want every tour to be great for our customers. That’s why so much planning goes into each one. The amount of people on tour is essential to our planning and budgeting. Because of this we cannot offer a refund to this event. Thank you for respecting this policy and helping us create the best experience possible!

GOT Bar Crawl FAQ’s-

Do we have to dress up like GOT to participate in the bar crawl?
*No. A costume is not required but we do encourage dressing up to enhance the experience.

Can I join the bar crawl at any time?
*Unfortunately, guest check-in and bar crawl wristbands will only be handed out from 3:00 to 5:00 pm.

If for any reason I can’t make it to the event, can I get a refund?*No. All sales are final, this is a rain or shine event; you can however transfer your ticket to another person.

How long is the crawl? We are keeping the crawl within a few blocks radius in the down town area.

Knight Fight Viewing Party

Come join the Ironside crew at Rocky Mountain Brewery Wednesday nights at 8pm to watch Knight Fight! Knight Fight showcases one of the combat styles that Ironside Medieval Combat teaches and is a great introduction to the sport of Armored Combat.


Rocky Mountain Brewery

625 Paonia St

Colorado Springs, Colorado 80915


Feb 20th

Feb 27th

March 6th

March 13th


Big Party on 3/6/19

Instructor Nicholas Ironside had the honor of competing on Knight Fight.  His episode will be on March 6th.  The entire Ironside Team with be at Rocky Mountain Brewery to celebrate and watch him fight.  Come join us for excellent beer and armor smashing fun!