Vocabulary Conversation when Converting Techniques to Left vs Right.

We have been working hard to enhance an already amazing fighting system, Stockton Multi Style Escrima. Traditional martial arts predominantly trains right handed versus right handed. However, in steel fighting it is common to face left handed opponents. That is why we started working on a project to enhance Stockton Multi Style to include this new challenge.

After getting some great feedback from a number of outstanding martial artists, and great conversation with instructor Nelson Pinto, we came up with two ways to look at this conversion. The two terms are reverse and symmetric. The below video shows the difference between these terms. For our conversations in our new video series “Escrima to Sword and Shield” we will be using the symmetric version of the techniques.

Advancing Your Footwork: Training Videos Included

In our previous two posts we covered the Foundation of Footwork and Principles of Fighting.  Now it is time to combine those skills and start learning how to use them in a fighting scenario.  Here are some intermediate drills to start building your skills up.

Many forms of martial arts use a footwork star to help with placement and spacing.  When it comes to attacking and retreating it is important to attack and retreat on different lines.  This optimizes your rate of success allowing your feet to become part of your defense.



To get started the Sawtooth Drill or Circle Drill #2 both make great warmups.  They help develop the muscle memory needed for the next step in this training.  Ideally you want to be able to use these stepping methods without having to think about them or look down on the ground to make sure you are in the correct place.

The next step is to get your footwork synchronized with the timing of your opponent.  The Elastico Drill and Speed Drill Part 2 are the building blocks for this next drill.

Pendulum Drill


Even though this drill is borrowed from another fighting system the concept is incredibly useful for armored fighting.  When applying these principles to other weapons keep your range in mind.  Longer weapons are better at longer distances and shorter weapons are better at closer distances.  However, the ebb and flow of fighting is universal across the different styles.

This article gives you a preview into the type of training found at Ironside Medieval Combat.  If you like what you see come give one of our classes a try!  We also offer online classes for those of you who live far away – Sign up for Online Classes.

We would love to hear from you. Let us know if these drills are helpful.  We also take requests for anyone wanting to learn more.  Find us on Facebook for all of our latest and greatest updates.

New Video Series for Sword and Shield

Martial arts is all about training and perfecting the art.  No matter how many tournaments you win, students you train, there is always more to learn.  Even if you are the undisputed champion of the world your body will change as you get older.  Injuries will take their toil, old age will set in slowing your reflexes, when that happens a fighter is left with some choices to make.  Do they give up their life’s work?  Or maybe, just maybe they face this challenge like any other and learn to over come it?  Instructors Janeal and Nicholas Ironside are working on adapting their fighting style and adding a new chapter to their skill set.

Instructors Janeal and Nicholas are studying the fighting art of Stockton Multi Style Escrima.  This style uses swords in a different way then how European martial arts developed, however, those differences can only enrich sword fighting and take it to new levels.

There are 115 basic techniques with the Stockton Multi Style.  Instructors Janeal and Nicholas are methodically going through each of the techniques and showing how they can be adapted to left handed verse right handed along with using sword and shield.  Here are our latest two videos.  We are currently working our way through angle 1 attacks.  If you like these videos be sure to follow our YouTube channel.  We have a playlist dedicated to this project: Escrima to Sword and Shield




Ironside Training Seminar

We are taking our show on the road!  Ironside Medieval Combat has the honor of teaching a fighting seminar at Warlord Combat Academy in Texas:


Warlord Combat Academy 1915 Peters Rd Irving TX

This seminar will cover the systematic approach to fighting helping both experienced and new fighters develop a better understanding of range power, and footwork. The team strategies will cover timing, precision, and situational awareness. Everyone will be able to take home drills to work with their teams and improve their odds of winning.

Note taking and video recordings will be a big part of this training.  Research has shown a stand alone seminar is extremely ineffective without application and on going support afterwards.  This seminar will cover a mountain of information.  The primary purpose is to expose participants to the information for them to work on and reference later.

Supplies needed:

Notebook and writing utensils –  there will be formal times for note taking and expectations participants come prepared.

Practice weapons you want to work with – This can be rattan sticks, steel swords, padded weapons.  We will be going over a variety of drills and work with partners to learn the motions.  The training will focus on Sword and shield, Polearm, and Longsword.  Fighters can focus and work on a single weapon style or rotate around the styles.  Our structure will be based on small groups and stations leaving a lot of choice and flexibility for the participant

Armor Optional – The seminar does not require armor to participate, however, fighters will find a lot of benefits to practicing these drills in full gear.  Fighters with complete kits can do these drills at full speed with full power.  Fighters without armor will be regulated to slow work only.


June 29th

10 – 12 – Weapons Training

  • 1 hour laying down the groundwork
  • 1 hour Timing and flow

12-1 – Lunch

1-2 – Weapons Training

  • 1 hour Power and Body Mechanics

2-5 – Team Training

  • 1 hour Timing
  • 1 hour Precision and Communication
  • 1 hour Awareness


June 30th

11:30 – 1 – Weapons Training

  • 5 hours mixed weapons

1 – 2 – Lunch

2 – 3:30 – Weapons Training

  • 5 hours Speed Drills

3:30-6:30 – Team Training

  • 1 hour Playbook 3 v 3
  • 1 hour Timing, precision, awareness combined
  • 1 hour flow

ironside training seminar

Positive Self Talk – Why Train in Martial Arts

Positive self talk is so incredibly important. We all have an internal monologue as we go about our day. We think about the things we need to take care of, did you turn off the toaster, worry over your outfit making you look fat, did that cute guy really just flirt with me, and so much more. That internal voice is our constant companion. When it comes to working out, martial arts training, or really doing anything outside of your comfort zone it’s important to not talk yourself out of trying. You can look at a pile of weights and think there is no way you will ever be able to lift them. That line of thinking is crippling. Instead you can’t do a pull up YET but you are working on it. That shift in mindset will open doors for you. You will start to see things as opportunities and adventures waiting to happen. If you can harness the power of positive self talk the world will become a brighter place. You will be surprised at all the amazing things you can accomplish. Working out is hard enough as it is you don’t need the extra burden of your own mind tearing you down. Talk yourself up, be your own best cheerleader, and go out to conquer the world. You are capable of it!

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