Dancing: Martial Arts Secret Weapon Part 4 Kicking

Time to shift gears with this project.  I have set down my lovely toys and shifted my attention to kicking.  Kicking is often dismissed as ineffective because most people can’t do it right.  You can have beautiful looking kicks with no power.  You can have very strange looking kicks that send people flying.  The combination of the two is very difficult and takes time to learn.  My solution?  Dancing of course.  The free-flowing movement of dance can help develop the muscle control needed for beautiful and powerful kicks.

Part 4: Kicking

Hip rotation and agility are essential when it comes to developing powerful kicks.  You might be noticing a common theme with this mini-series…it’s all about those hips.  The rotation starts by engaging your core, moving your hips, then it travels down your leg.  One of the biggest mistakes beginners have with kicking is always focusing on their foot.  If you get your hip and knee aligned correctly your foot will be correct.  If your hip and knee are not working together your foot will always be pointing in the wrong direction.  Developing a strong core with your kicks will also help you maintain balance.  Never underestimate the importance of developing strong core muscles.  They are quite literally the core of your strength.

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Spear & Sword Belly Dance Workshops with Janeal Ironside

January 5 & 6, 2019

Find your inner warrior in this one of a kind workshop series that integrates a mixture of belly dance and martial arts with different weapon styles. With a focus on the dances of ancient cultures and influenced by tribal rhythms and beats this series will take your dance style to the next level and add a dimension not seen before.

At an early age Janeal was fascinated with dance.  Starting off in Ballet and Gymnastics nothing seemed to fit quite what she was looking for.  Until 14 years ago when Janeal discovered the liberating free style movements of tribal belly dancing.  The deep earthly beats connected with Janeal on a very personal level.  The weapons work blended beautifully with Janeal’s other passion of martial arts.  The more Janeal studied and trained the deeper this connection became.  10 years ago Janeal started sharing her passion with others teaching classes to whomever wanted to learn.  It is her desire to share this rich style of dance, steeped in history, with women everywhere.  Through building a community of women connected to build their inner power and beauty and release their inner warrior to the beats and movements of the earth.

Sword Dancing

Dancing with a sword is about balance and control. It is a display of deadly grace and beauty. In this workshop the sword becomes extension of your arm and you’ll learn a variety of ways to wield the dance sword including spins and mock fighting.

Dancers must bring their own dancing sword. There will be a few swords available for purchase. Prior dancing knowledge is not necessary. Loose clothing may interfere with movement. A tight-fitting top and comfy but fitting pants are recommended.

10 am – 1 pm

Lunch Break 1 pm to 2 pm – You’re welcome to bring a lunch for the break.

Spear Dancing

Spear work requires confidence, strength, concentration, and grace. In this workshop you’ll learn different fighting styles with tribal and Eastern influences. Basic spins plus tips and tricks will be covered. This style can easily prepare dancers for fire dancing and poi.

Broom sticks make excellent practice dancing spears and can be purchased cheaply at any hardware store. Dancers must bring their own practice spear. No prior knowledge is required for this class. Loose clothing may interfere with movement. A tight-fitting top and comfy but fitting pants are recommended.

Saturday Jan 5.
2 pm – 5 pm

Hafla with Special Guest Daveed Korup

Join us for a community Hafla and practice what you learned during the day. Live drumming provided by Daveed Korup. Open drumming and dancing with a demonstration by Janeal. Fun for the whole family. You don’t have to attend the workshops to come to the Hafla.

Sirena World Dance Studio

7 pm – 9 pm
$5 Donation

Self Defense Class – Sunday

This class isn’t your typical type of women’s self defense. We will be covering unarmed techniques, situational awareness, AND hidden weapons work. All for the purpose of escape and evade to keep ourselves and loved ones safe. 9 am – 2 pm (1 hr break)



Workshops will be held at:

NM Dance Academy
10410 Comanche Rd NE
Albuquerque, NM 87111



Christina Rhoderick

(505) 507-9879


Register at: https://squareup.com/store/IronsideWorkshop


Spear & Sword Belly Dance Workshop high rez

Belly Dancing Classes

Ironside Medieval Combat are expert weapon wielders, whether it is fighting or dancing we teach it. Learn how to spine, dance, and balance a sword with deadly grace. Learn a unique skill, get fit, and have a ton of fun. Come join the Ironside team.


Belly Dancing has a rich and empowering history for women throughout the world. It’s about connecting women with their bodies, to harness their own power, beauty, and grace. These dancing classes will cover a wide variety of styles and use of accessories, such as swords, spears, veils, candles, and much more. Each month will have a different focus allowing dancers to learn a wide range of skills.

This class is being taught by World Champion Spear fighter Janeal Ironside. She will be teaching the dancing moves that helped her train for battle. Dancing is an excellent aerobic workout that builds stamina, agility, and grace.

Dancing classes are taught on Mondays and Wednesdays from 5:30pm-6:00pm


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