Escrima to Sword and Shield

Now that instructors Janeal and Nicholas have developed a foundational understanding of Stockton Multi Style Escrima we worked on modifications. There are a lot of resources for Longsword with well developed curriculums and teaching methods. There isn’t nearly as much resources for learning and mastering sword and shield. Escrima has a unique history. It is a living fighting style that evolved from medieval sword fighting. We are taking the modern style and reverse engineering it to find new and better ways to fight with a sword and shield. Our goal was to address two issues. The first, what do these techniques look like when a right handed fighter faces a left handed fighter. This problem occurs often in medieval sword fighting communities. The second, how will these techniques work with longer sword and shield. We just worked on the first two techniques, out of the 115 Stockton has, for angle 1 in this video. Martial arts is always evolving. We learn from a wide variety of sources and instructors. That variety is what makes martial arts so special.

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Why Train in Martial Arts?

You follow the Ironside Medieval Combat page because we caught your attention. Now we would like to win your heart. One of the biggest struggles for people is justifying both the time and expense to train in martial arts. You might ask yourself “Why train in martial arts?” I have people that see the injuries, blood, sweet, and toil I put into my craft and they ask me why I do it. As a martial artist of 30 years may I suggest an answer to that question.

First, you have a responsibility to yourself for your own safety and survival. Much like providing food and shelter, safety is huge for our peace of mind. Martial arts gives you the tools you will need to defend yourself and your loved ones. Sadly, law enforcement can’t be everywhere all the time to provide us with personal protection. Instead, with martial arts you will have the ability to keep yourself safe until help can arrive.

With martial arts training comes the development of your mind. I’m not going to lie, our training is challenging. The training will push you. Through that struggle you will develop mental fortitude. Learn to have better focus, clarity, and stay calm in times of stress. This style of training is for both the mind and the body. They will develop together, and you will be amazed at the things you can accomplish.

The final reason, you will become part of a tribe, a place where you belong. Hardship and dedication bring people together. Have a team there to encourage you, boost you up when you are down; and in turn you will support them when they need it. Never under estimate the power of belonging to something bigger than yourself. Martial arts brings people together of like mind to laugh, train, and compete together.

I train in martial arts for the challenge. I do it for the strength it gives me. I do it for the person I want to be. I do it for the Iron Way. Come join the Ironside MC tribe and become a better version of yourself. The pressure of training will make you physically and mentally stronger. Develop a strong mindset that will improve your life outside of the gym giving you strength, focus, clarity, and since of calm you have never experienced before.

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Belly Dancing – Spear Work 103

Spear dancing is extremely rare in modern times. However, warriors throughout history would use dancing as a way to train their mind and body for the battles soon to come.

Spear dancing requires confidence, strength, concentration, and grace. It is also an inspiring way to learn all of these virtues.

This class is being taught by world champion spear fighter Janeal Ironside. She will be teaching the dancing moves that helped her train for battle.

Broom sticks make excellent practice dancing spears, and can be purchased cheaply at any hardware store. Dancers must bring their own practice spear. No prior knowledge is required for this class.

This class is $10 or $5 for those who attend the first two dancing classes.

March 10th from 2:00pm-4:00pm

1845 N Circle Dr Colorado Springs CO 80909

For more information please follow our Facebook event