Vocabulary Conversation when Converting Techniques to Left vs Right.

We have been working hard to enhance an already amazing fighting system, Stockton Multi Style Escrima. Traditional martial arts predominantly trains right handed versus right handed. However, in steel fighting it is common to face left handed opponents. That is why we started working on a project to enhance Stockton Multi Style to include this new challenge.

After getting some great feedback from a number of outstanding martial artists, and great conversation with instructor Nelson Pinto, we came up with two ways to look at this conversion. The two terms are reverse and symmetric. The below video shows the difference between these terms. For our conversations in our new video series “Escrima to Sword and Shield” we will be using the symmetric version of the techniques.

New Video Series for Sword and Shield

Martial arts is all about training and perfecting the art.  No matter how many tournaments you win, students you train, there is always more to learn.  Even if you are the undisputed champion of the world your body will change as you get older.  Injuries will take their toil, old age will set in slowing your reflexes, when that happens a fighter is left with some choices to make.  Do they give up their life’s work?  Or maybe, just maybe they face this challenge like any other and learn to over come it?  Instructors Janeal and Nicholas Ironside are working on adapting their fighting style and adding a new chapter to their skill set.

Instructors Janeal and Nicholas are studying the fighting art of Stockton Multi Style Escrima.  This style uses swords in a different way then how European martial arts developed, however, those differences can only enrich sword fighting and take it to new levels.

There are 115 basic techniques with the Stockton Multi Style.  Instructors Janeal and Nicholas are methodically going through each of the techniques and showing how they can be adapted to left handed verse right handed along with using sword and shield.  Here are our latest two videos.  We are currently working our way through angle 1 attacks.  If you like these videos be sure to follow our YouTube channel.  We have a playlist dedicated to this project: Escrima to Sword and Shield




Escrima to Sword and Shield

Now that instructors Janeal and Nicholas have developed a foundational understanding of Stockton Multi Style Escrima we worked on modifications. There are a lot of resources for Longsword with well developed curriculums and teaching methods. There isn’t nearly as much resources for learning and mastering sword and shield. Escrima has a unique history. It is a living fighting style that evolved from medieval sword fighting. We are taking the modern style and reverse engineering it to find new and better ways to fight with a sword and shield. Our goal was to address two issues. The first, what do these techniques look like when a right handed fighter faces a left handed fighter. This problem occurs often in medieval sword fighting communities. The second, how will these techniques work with longer sword and shield. We just worked on the first two techniques, out of the 115 Stockton has, for angle 1 in this video. Martial arts is always evolving. We learn from a wide variety of sources and instructors. That variety is what makes martial arts so special.

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