Nutrition is more than just eating from all the basic food groups.  In today’s busy environment our nutrition is often over looked.  We sacrifice quality for speed and convenience.  We are fully aware of people’s busy schedules, and meal preparing can take too much time.  However, for people wanting to start living healthier lives this can all be incredibly difficult to know where to start.  It is one of the reasons we have three different levels of nutrition counseling and product recommendations based on your experience and motivation for some live changes.

Level 1 – Free5star.png

Ironside has a partnership with 5 Star Nutrition5 Star Nutrition offers free consultations with their Inbody Composition analysis and customized meal planning with no extra cost to ensure you reach your nutrition goals.  All Ironside members get a 25% discount with 5 Star Nutrition for any supplements and vitamins they may want to purchase.

Level 2 – $25 a month

Janeal Ironside will work with anyone who is interested to create a customized meal plan, provide a recommended food list, healthy recipes, and connect you with people who are also starting on their nutrition journey.  We also have some great resources for athletes that want to push themselves and get better performance from their bodies.

Level 3 – Prices vary

For people who want to revolutionize their nutrition goals we also offer full nutrition packages.  These packages will change your life, and with them come huge discounts with Ironside Memberships.

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