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Ironside (7)Janeal started training in martial arts at the early age of 4.  Her father was a police officer and owned his own martial arts dojo.  She grew up running a little wild surrounded by martial artists, falling asleep watching Kung Fu movies, being sustained by training and the romance of self defense.  As she was growing up she developed a love for weapons.  She earned her first martial arts trophy in a weapons demonstration at the age of 8 years old.  The problem her father’s style was an empty hand style and didn’t have an extensive weapons system nor did it have a safe way to spar with weapons.

In college Janeal discovered the Society of Creative Anachornism (or SCA).  The SCA is a medieval recreation group.  They provided armor requirements, creating a safe environment to spar with weapons, along with numerous teachers and friends to train with.  Janeal trained in the SCA for over 15 years.

In 2015 Janeal discovered a group that was competing in full armor with real steel medieval style weapons.  Never backing down from a challenge, and having a head first attitude she fully immersed herself into the competitions.  Janeal was able to rise to the top of the national rankings and qualified for the international team her rookie year.  She was also named the Captain of the USA women’s team.  In May of 2016, she traveled to Portugal to represent the United States of America in the International Medieval Combat Federation (IMCF) World Championship.  At the world championship she won undefeated in the 1 vs 1 Polearm competition.  She lead the women’s team to victory securing the bronze medal in the 3 vs 3 competition.

One of the coolest parts of representing the USA in an international medieval competition was being knighted.  The US Congress wrote a charter for the first USA international team recognizing American fighters as American Knights.  From then on Knights from the past team Knight the current team.  This honor gives Janeal the title of “Sir”.  At the world championship Janeal adopted the stage name of Ironside.  An inspiration from Bjorn Ironside in the Viking TV show known for his prowess in battle.

In addition to her numerous competitions Janeal has branched out to the filming industry. She, along with the USA Knights, was featured in a fighting documentary called “MMA with Medieval Armor and Blunt Weapons: Vice Sports.”  Janeal had the honor of a guest appearance on the TV Show “Man At Arms: Art of War.”  Where her expertise on the longsword was called in to test the Oathkeeper sword from Game of Thrones.  There are more filming projects Janeal is involved in, including a new documentary coming out later this year called “American Knights.”


Wanting to give back to the community and share her love for martial arts Janeal opened one of the first Medieval Sword Fighting schools in the country called Ironside Medieval Combat.  Learning and training has been a major theme in Janeal’s life.  Two years after she opened her school she had the privilege of meeting and training with Master Nelson Pinto.  A 12 time world champion and highly skilled Martial Artist.  Master Pinto has been training Janeal in several more new styles of martial arts including Escrima (Filipino stick fighting) and Farang Mu Sul.  Sir Ironside and Master Pinto are now tag teaming and training students in a wide variety of classes and weapon styles.

Janeal “Key” Ironside


30+ years of martial arts training, 15 years of sword fighting experience, World Champion and international athlete.


IMCF – International Medieval Combat Federation
HMB – Historical Medieval Battle
ACL – Armored Combat League
  • IMCF World Championship 2016 – Gold Medal – Women’s Polearm (undefeated)
  • IMCF World Championship 2016 – Bronze Medal – Women’s 3v3 (Captain of the team)
  • USA Women’s Team Captain – ACL 2016
  • HMB International Tournament of Chivalry 2017 – 1st Place – Women’s Longsword
  • HMB International Tournament of Chivalry 2017 – 1st Place – Women’s Polearm
  • ACL National Competition 2016 – 1st Place – Women’s Polearm
  • ACL National Competion 2016 – 1st Place – Women’s Longsword
  • ACL New World Cup II 2015 – 3rd place – Men & Women’s Polearm (only woman to compete against the men)
  • ACL New World Cup II 2015 – 3rd place – Men & Women’s Longsword (only woman to compete against the men)
  • ACL New World Cup III 2016 – 3rd place – 5v5 team competition (mixed gender)
  • ACL New World Cup III 2016 – 2nd place – Women’s Longsword
  • ACL Eastern Conference 2015 – 2nd place – Men & Women’s Polearm (only woman to compete against the men)763e5af1-6b2c-45dd-8bc1-566334aa8d4a
  • ACL Eastern Conference 2015 – 3rd place – 5v5 team competition (one of only two women to compete, all other competitors were male)
  • ACL Western Conference 2016 – 1st place – Women’s Polearm
  • ACL Western Conference 2016 – 2nd place – Women’s Longsword
  • ACL Pacific Region Competition 2016 – 4th place – Men & Women’s Longsword (only woman to compete against the men)



20160708_010942Nelson Pinto

We are pleased to announce a new instructor with a whole new list of classes being offered at Ironside MC.  Nelson Pinto is a world traveler and student of multiple martial arts.  He has had the privilege of training with some of the best in styles that have been around for centuries.  Starting in February, Master Pinto will be teaching PBIT Blended Filipino Boxing, Balintawak, Stockton FMA Multi Style Escrima, and RIMA Rister Inosanto Kali.

Master Pinto was born in Greenwich Village, NYC and raised in Portugal. He began his martial arts education at the age of 15 (1993), studying and experimenting with several arts: Modern Farang Mu Sul (Mixed Self Defense System), Hapkido, Karate, Muay Thai, Kickboxing, Aikido, Haidong Gum Do, Taekwondo and several Filipino Martial Arts. He’s certified by the IDP (European Community- Portuguese Institute of Sports) and also a Licensed Massage Therapist in the USA.

He achieved his 1st degree Black Belt in Portugal, under his Teacher Master Carlos Pedro (Taekwondo & Combat Sports: Kickboxing, Boxing and Muay Thai) and under the supervision of GM Chung Sun Yong 9th Dan of Taekwondo.

Belt Ranks Held:

-Chief Master 7th Dan in Hapkido and Master Degree 5th Dan in Modern Farang Mu Sul and Taekwondo. Direct student under the Founder, Grand Master Michael D

Website: www.farangmusul.com

– Filipino Martial Arts Teacher Level 5- Balintawak Arnis Cuentada under Guro Soriano and GM Bobby Taboada. Responsible for the Balintawak Cuentada groups in Colorado Springs, CO
Website: www.balintawakseattle.com
Website: http://gmbobbytaboada.wixsite.com/home/bobby-taboada-story

– Filipino Martial Arts Teacher – Stockton Multi Style Escrima; Giron Escrima, Serrada Escrima and Decuerdas Escrima under Master June Gotico.

– Instructor from RIMA Organization; Wing Chun, Jeet Kune Do, Filipino Boxing (Panantukan) & Silat, Inosanto Kali, under Sifu/Guro John Rister.

– Humble student of Libre Fighting under the guidance of the Founder Scott Babb and Cassidy Lee.

Teaching History:

For the last 17 years he has been teaching defensive tactics in several parts of the world to military, law enforcement security and civilians. With his job experience in security and these last years as a Correctional Officer, this gave Master Pinto the tools to have a simple, easy and effective approach to teach Self Defense for the real World, where his students from all ages can learn faster and reach their goals.

In addition to being a personal student of the Living Legends above, he has been trained by several celebrated Grand Masters of many martial arts.

He’s known and respected for his efficiency, speed and explosiveness of execution. He is an expert in several areas of self-defense, combat and weapons, with a practical and effective program, that makes him a complete martial artist, offering immense diversity in his teaching to his students.

He has amassed awards for his martial art prowess and contributions to community, government and military entities, with appearances in mass media (TV, radio, international magazines and newspapers).

His training and studying is dedicated to achieve Perfection of Character and an Effective Self Defense. Master Pinto considers himself always a beginner, a student and leads his life based on this quote by his Teacher, Grand Master De Alba (Founder of Modern Farang Mu Sul),

“Because it is far better to have the knowledge, not the need, than to have the need and not the knowledge”

Master Pinto lives in Colorado Springs, Colorado since 2018.
His goal, teach more of what he loves. He also wants to make a difference in the community teaching Self Defense skills and leadership.

Currently, he is the FMS Technical Director for Colorado State – USA, President of Fighting Martial Systems (FMS)-Alliance, member & adviser in IDCS (International De Alba System Confederation), member of World Kido Federation-Korea and member of MACS (Martial Arts Collective Society-USA).

FMS Alliance: www.farang-alliance.org


We hope you will come and join us on our next adventure.


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