Silverline Knife Designs

Ironside Medieval Combat is proud to announce our new partnership and merchandise items with Silverline Knife Designs!  Silverline Knife Designs is a new start up company formed by one of Ironside’s part time instructors Nathan TwoEagles-Downing.  Nathan has an extensive background in Jeet Kune Do, military combatives, and knife training.  Driven by his need to have a practical well made knife that still has artistry to it Nathan set out to design the perfect knife.  All of Silverline Knife Designs have undergone extensive testing and come with a life time guarantee.

“Find your silver-lining in chaos”

Mongoose single edgeMongoose

The one snakes fear: This blade has been designed for a very specific purpose. To stop the snake. Hand forged from AEB-L Stainless Steel, with an overall length of 7 & 3/4 inches, the blade is designed to pierce into whatever its directed into. But it can be designed with a keener edge.

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Honey Badger

Honey BadgerOne of the newest designs created by Sliverline Knife Design.

Silverline Knife Designs LLC offers these blades to be tailored to the buyer. They are not mass produced. Nor are they stored for periods of time. They are made to order. Coming with your choice of handle, (G10, Wood or Hemp) and your choice of a kydex or leather sheath. The blade becomes more than just a tool, they become personal.

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Hand forged by Nathan Downing, a Piper instructor & former US marine, his knowledge and experience with blades ensures that what you pay for, is what you get. A piece of artwork that is also a tool, an aesthetically pleasing blade and most importantly, a part of the person who wields it.

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Small and sleek this knife has a powerful sting.  Featuring a narrower blade than the other designs the Hornet is ideal for stabbing and fine detail work.

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img_4418The Quill is a long metal Spike that can be worn in a woman’s hair. It works for just about any occasion from formal dresses to working out in the gym. It is also a 4” long dagger that can be instantly accessed if attacked.

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Trainer Knife

img_4819This trainer is great for beginners who want a safe practice knife to spar and learn with.

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Ironside Gear is Here!

Our new Ironside Gear is here just in time for the holidays! This is a great way to support your aspiring warrior to be. Harness your inner strength and come support your local sword fighting gym.

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Don’t forget for a limited time we have a specialty item. Only for the holidays we are offering an Ironside Under Armor Shirt.

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New Merchandise is on its way!

With the holiday season fast approaching we are stocking up on new Ironside Merchandise. We have some awesome new training gear for our fighters, family, and supporters.  Take a look at below at the new items coming in, you can place an order for them now and pick them up at Ironside Medieval Combat when they arrive in two weeks.

Limited Time Offer: Under Armor Shirts $50

This is an experimental product.  We must sell 18 of them online before the shirts are shipped.  If we do not meet our goal everyone will be given their money back.  We have until the end of December to reach our goal.  Orders are delivered abouta2 weeks after the campaign closes.  The money for these shirts will go towards the betterment of the fighter’s training and equipment

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Adult T-Shirts: $20.00+Tax

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Adult Sweat Pants: $40.00+Tax

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Kids T-Shirts: $20.00+Tax

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Stickers: $1.00+Tax

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New Prices and Discounts

Ironside Medieval Combat has had an amazing first year.  To celebrate we are adding more services and discounts for our students to choose from.  These new prices will go into effect starting in April.

The first big change,  our memberships are now based on number of classes instead of per individual.  That means if a family or couple want to take classes together they can be covered under a single membership.

  • Kids Membership – $75 for 2 classes for 30 minutes each a week.
  • Introduction Membership – $65 for 1 class for 1 hour a week.  Or 2 classes for 30 minutes a week.  This is great for people who are only interested in taking our dancing classes.
  • Basic Membership – $115 for 2 classes for 1 hour each a week.  This also includes open gym.
  • Premium Membership – $130 for 4 classes for 1 hour each a week.  This also includes open gym and our fitness class.
  • Elite Membership – $150 for 8 classes for 1 hour each a week.  This also includes open gym and our fitness class.
  • Iron-man Membership – $200 for 12 classes a week.  This also includes open gym and our fitness class.

In addition to our new membership offers we are adding new services.  We are adding  physical fitness classes specifically tailored for fighters who want to compete internationally.  These fitness routines are custom written by one of the best personal trainers in the business, Duncan McCallum.  But wait, there’s more!  We are adding nutrition counseling, meal planning, food lists, and discounts on the best nutrition products on the market.  These services can be added to any membership offer listed above.

  • Advanced Fitness Classes – $25 addition
  • Nutrition Counseling – $25 addition

The fun doesn’t stop here.  To celebrate our one year anniversary we are offering discount offers based on how long of a contract you sign up for.

  • If students sign up for automatic payments they get $5 off a month
  • If students sign up for 6 month contract they will get their 7th month 50% off
  • If students sign up for 12 month contract they will get $15 off a month with automatic payments Or the 13th month free without automatic payments.
  • Ironside Members will receive 25% Off all guest instructors and Ironside tournaments.

Along with nutrition counseling we are rolling out a whole line of nutrition products to help students reach their health goals.  Keep watch for our specific products, we will be posting information on them soon.  With the purchase of these nutrition products will be even more discounts.  Stay tuned for even more offers and discounts to come!

Spring Break Youth Training Camps

Spring Break Youth Training Camps!  Parents here are some fun, inexpensive activities for your kids to do during Spring Break.  Feel free to drop off your kids and pick them up at the end of class. We are offering two different training camps.  Both camps are being taught by Janeal Ironside, who is also a certified teacher with over 15 years of classroom experience.  Not only is Janeal Ironside a World Champion Fighter, she is also a local elementary teacher.

*There is a parent waiver and picture release forms to fill out before class.  Please be 10-15 minutes early.  Late fees my apply to parents who are not on time to pick up their children.


Belly DancingYouth Sword Dancing Class

Students will use blunted wooden practice swords. They will learn grace and balance along with fun tricks. Janeal Ironside has been teaching dancing classes for twenty years. Sword dancing classes are a great way to connect kids with their bodies, to harness their own power, coordination, and grace. In this class kids will learn how to balance a sword on their head as they dance. They will also learn stylized fighting moves, tricks, and drills that helped Janeal Ironside train to win the National Women’s Longsword competition.

For ages 7-12 Wednesday, March 28th from 1pm-3pm

Spots are limited click here to reserve your child’s spot



We also sell the custom made wooden dancing swords if students want to keep up with their training after the class.

Click here to view our dancing swords.  



LightsaberYouth Jedi Training

The second class is Jedi Training. Students will use decorated swimming noodles as colorful light sabers. They will learn lightsaber techniques to engage in Jedi duels. They will also have to work together in teams to overcome challenges. These are fun safe classes that students can enjoy during their spring break.

Ages 7-12 Thursday, March 29th from 1pm-3pm

Spots are limited click here to reserve your child’s spot


Green T-ShirtWe are also offering special youth shirts that can be custom ordered for this occasion.

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