When will you open?

With everything that has been going on we have had a lot of people reaching out asking when we will open our doors again. Unfortunately, we will not be pursuing finding a new physical location any time in the near future. These times are too unpredictable. Even with state and city laws lifting the bans insurance companies are not willing to cover COVID related lawsuits.

With that in mind, I will always love martial arts and sharing that passion with others. I am building online classes as fast as I can record and write the curriculum. There are several classes now available for free with more advanced ones to come in the near future. I will also be offering private classes either in person or via Skype for any who is interested. Private classes are $60 an hour. Your first lesson is a buy one get one free, so $60 for two hours. If you are interested in booking a private lesson please email the owner Janeal Ironside at janeal.ironside@ironsidemc.org

It was my hope to organized summer training camps at our outdoor location with the help of our sponsors Rocky Mountain Brewery. If things get better there is still a possibility of these camps during the month of July. However, a lot of this is dependent on the bans and how fast the state opens up.

Thank you, everyone, who has supported us during these very strange times. Continue to support and be kind to one another. Together we will come out of this mess all the stronger because of it.

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With all the exciting things happening this year, we would love to share this amazing training with our community to help inspire a love for martial arts.  You can help support these programs by following and sharing our various social media pages.  There is a Facebook Page, Instagram Account, and YouTube Channel dedicated to Ironside Medieval Combat.  Check out these pages, share them, talk about them, and together we can make Martial Arts an inspiration for generations yet to come.  

We also have new FREE Online Courses. Enroll now and begin learning the art of knighthood.

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