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We are living in interesting times with all of us staying at home during the quarantine.  The last time our country was shut down like this was over 100 years ago during the Spanish Influenza.  It’s important to stay connected with people to help combat the feelings of isolation and boredom.  We have some amazing tools and resources at our fingertips that can bring the world into your living room with the push of a button.  At Ironside Medieval Combat we are offering discounted online classes with preloaded videos and formats all set up for you covering a wide range of topics.  We are also offering live skype classes for specific one on one instruction.  Check out the links below and stay connected, you are never alone.

Online Classes

Online Classes – https://www.patreon.com/ironsidemc

Currently, we are offering 5 different online courses with more to come!  These courses range from as little as $5 a month to $20 a month.



We have Nutrition – Meal Prep Recipes: Most meals take 30 minutes or less to cook.  The majority of the meals are low to no carbs and organized for a Macro based diet.  They are tasty, cheap, fast to cook, and really great for you.

Janeal Ironside Belly Dancer

We are offering two different Belly Dancing courses.  The first course is a mini-series called “Dancing: Martial Arts Secret Weapon.”  The second course is “Belly Dancing: Sword Dancing” This dance series will take your dance style to the next level and add a dimension not seen before.  It is a display of deadly grace and beauty where you will learn a variety of ways to wield the dancing sword including spins and mock fighting.


img_0591Last we have several sword-fighting courses to choose from.  You can learn the dueling arts of medieval Longsword to more modern techniques of sword and knife.  These classes are great for modern martial arts practitioners and medieval enthusiasts alike.




Individualized Virtual Classes

We cover a wide range of skills from Medieval weapons to empty hand self-defense classes.  We are not a typical martial arts school.  We cover a wide range of weapons and styles.  Students have the power of choice when it comes to what they want to learn.  Contact us now to set up a time to have your first virtual class!

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With all the exciting things happening this year, we would love to share this amazing training with our community to help inspire a love for martial arts.  You can help support these programs by following and sharing our various social media pages.  There is a Facebook Page, Instagram Account, and YouTube Channel dedicated to Ironside Medieval Combat.  Check out these pages, share them, talk about them, and together we can make Martial Arts an inspiration for generations yet to come.


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