Omelets and the 3 States of Matter

I’m no Gordan Ramsey with advanced skills in cooking.  I’m more like his 3rd cousin twice removed who has a vague idea of where the kitchen is located and can name the basic food groups.  What I do have working for me is my incredibly picky palate, if the food tastes gross I’m not eating it; and an obsession with making things as efficient as possible.  Using those two concepts as my guiding principles I have come up with a tasty omelet recipe and a fun approach to cooking it, the scientific way.


Eggs in their raw form take on the shape of whatever container you keep them in.  Eggs also act as a bonding agent in cooking.  They are literally the glue of the cooking world.  Don’t believe me try making a batch of cookies without eggs.  The dough tastes delicious and the cookies come out looking like a hot mess.  Anyhow back to making a quick and easy omelet.  If eggs are your base and the “glue” an omelet is just about any ingredient you want to be mixed together with eggs, kinda like cement. For my omelet, I added bacon and cheese. Mix it all up and microwave for 2 minutes



When you microwave eggs they take on the shape of your container as they cook.  If you are cooking them in a standard size bowl they are perfectly shaped for a slice of bread.  You can easily scoop the entire mixture out of the bowl and place it on toast or an English muffin for the perfect breakfast sandwich.



Do I really need to explain what happens after you get a delicious breakfast???  Uncomfortable stare….just kidding.  The gas is the delicious steam coming off the omelet.  Then the entire house will smell like breakfast, a great way to motivate your sleepy heads to get up and greet the day.



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