New Material added to Online Belly Dancing Class!

There is something truly beautiful and graceful watching a master martial artist perform.  We each find our connection to martial arts in a different way.  For me training in sword dancing is how I develop my grace and movement for martial arts.  I love the freedom of dancing, spinning my sword in ever increasing complex patterns.  With that in mind I have some new tricks to share.

Simple Sword Toss

This is a preview of s simple front facing sword toss.  You are transferring the sword from one hand to the next and spinning the sword one complete rotation before catching it.

4 Combo Trick

This is a preview of a 4 combination trick.  The four combinations are a figure 8, reverse figure 8, Finger flip, and side toss.  This trick looks really cool with and advancing or retreating step.

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img_0519If you like these techniques and would like to learn how be sure to check out my online classes for the full break down of these techniques and more.  These techniques are under the Belly Dancing Tier.  Find your inner warrior in this one of a kind class that integrates a mixture of belly dancing and martial arts.  Our classes focus on the dance of ancient cultures and influenced by tribal rhythms and beats.  This dance series will take your dance style to the next level and add a dimension not seen before.  Dancing with a sword is about balance and control.  It is a display of deadly grace and beauty.  In our class the sword becomes an extension of your arm and you’ll learn a variety of ways to wield the dance sword including spins and mock fighting.  Click on the link below and become a subscriber!


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