Healthy Snacks to Try

Depending on what dieting research you are reading you may find experts telling you to eat 4-6 times a day.  Usually, that means 3 small meals and 2-3 snacks.  Tasty snacks can be hard to figure out.  I don’t know about you, but I also don’t want to torture myself and never eat sugar again.  I just can’t live without my chocolate fix…I am being a touch dramatic, but the fact remains if you are miserable you won’t stick with a long-lasting diet.  Here are a few of my favorite tasty snacks that help keep my sweet tooth under control without destroying my macros and diet restrictions.

The Key to these snacks is moderation!

Rice Cake Cookie

One Rice cake no flavor or extra stuff added to it, honestly, you don’t need the extra synthetic stuff.  One of the rules of dieting is eating real food.  Dehydrated, fake flavor, overly processed foods are things to avoid.  They give you a ton of empty calories and no nutritional value.  It is impossible to avoid them entirely, try to keep things in a balance and practice moderation.

One Rice Cake

a spoon full of your favorite peanut butter

a spoon full of chocolate chips – Personally I prefer dark chocolate (it is slightly better for you)

Spread the peanut butter on top of the rice cake.  Then evenly spread the chocolate chips over the peanut butter.  The finished product looks like a chocolate chip cookie.


Note: peanut butter and chocolate chips make good toppings on just about anything.  Celery sticks, for example, are good with this combo if you want a veggie instead of carbs.

Trail Mix

This is my all-time favorite!  It has a little fruit, chocolate, protein, all the perfect combinations for an ideal snack.  Here is the one catch, trail mix is high in calories.  Keep an eye on the serving size.  For the trail mix in my picture, it is 1/4 cup has 150 calories.  I measure out my trail mix and keep it in individual bags.  If 1/4 cup seems small, that’s because it is, remember these are snacks.  If you are still hungry look at your full meals and the time spent between when you are eating.  Chances are you are using a snack instead of a meal.  Your body is pretty wise once you learn how to listen to it.

Note: there are a ton of different varieties of trail mix out there.  Most of them make really good snacks.  They are great for traveling or when you are out in the mountains because they don’t need to be refrigerated. The sugar gives you instant energy and the protein helps you stay fueled.


Honey and sweet-tasting drinks are a great way to combat that pesky soda craving.  I drink water all the time.  The only other drink I tend to allow myself is a glass of milk in the evening.  However, not everyone is that crazy.  Especially, if you are just starting out cutting down on sugary drinks is absolute torture!  Here is a healthy alternative:

Start with your favorite tea – I love Celestial Seasonings.  For this snack, I used Carmel Apple Dream

Honey – I usually do one tablespoon per teacup

Milk – I just add a little at the end to help cool down the tea and give it a creamy finish



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