Laughter is the best Bulk Item

With the world falling apart the best thing we can do is stay calm, laugh when we can, and do our best to stick together.  With that in mind here is a mixture of helpful tips, satire, and random historical facts to get you through the apocalypse.

Home Protection “Practice Swords”

Practicing with rattan sticks can be misleading.  We get too comfortable with the safety of a blunt round weapon and forget that it is a representation of a sword.  Steel swords are expensive and you want to save them for competitions.  Machetes, on the other hand, are cheap, good quality steel, and are usually less than $20.  When you go to the gardening section of hardware stores you can get all kinds of crazy looking machete type tools from really cool looking axes to falchions, to “swords.”  Take these blades to a grinder and remove the edge giving you a great practice sword.


The benefit of using a sword for home protection instead of guns, you can’t run out of bullets with a sword.  Don’t believe me? Modern media to the rescue!  “Mythbusters” did an experiment on this very topic.  Check it out.


“When the Apocalypse comes ax does beat the gun, and then some” – Mythbusters

No Toilet Paper? No Problem – Rotten Romans

Ever ask yourself what the world did before the invention of toilet paper?  The Romans used to tie a sponge to the end of a stick to clean themselves.  It doesn’t sound too horrible until you realize their public bathrooms were communal and they all shared the same stick…


Ah civilization! How grand.  Just think these are the same people that conquered half the known world.  The next time someone asks me if I think I was born in the wrong century my answer is definitely NO.  I very much enjoy indoor plumbing and our other modern conveniences like basic hygiene.

Stick around for more

Stay tuned for more funny and random history facts and tips on how to survive to apocalypse!  I can’t go outside or to work for the next few weeks due to all the quarantine regulations.  Means I have time to make great training videos, and research ways of amusing myself.  Hope this brings a smile to your face during these trying times.

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