Homemade Ramen Soup

Never underestimate the soothing and filling power of soup.  Ramen soup is one of those types of food that has an unlimited list of foods that can go into it along with half a dozen different names.  I’m going to give a basic recipe then multiple variations.  In addition to that I also have some tips on how to pack this for lunch without making a giant mess.

Basic Ingredients:

1 lb of beef stew meat

1 bag of frozen mixed veggies – any vegetables

work with this recipe so it is really up to you.

Noodles – rice noodles, or actual ramen noodles work best


Beef bouillon

Miso Paste


Basic Cooking Instructions:

Place eggs in a pot of water and place on heat – you need to hard boil the eggs.  I usually hard boil them for 12-13 minutes.

Start boiling water for the noodles.

Place the meat in a pan and add a spoon full of Miso paste.  Constantly stir the meat as you cook it.

Place the noodles in the boiling water and cook for about 10 minutes.  Be sure to read the package for specific cooking instructions for the type of noodles you are trying to use.

Microwave and thaw out the frozen veggies.  Usually I place the frozen veggies in a bowl, pour 1-2 cups of water in the bowl, and microwave for 5 minutes.

Mix the cooked and drained noodles, cooked meat, and veggies in a container.  Peal the hard boiled eggs.  Slice the eggs and add to the top.  Pour in the broth when you serve the soup.

Broth – 1 spoon of miso, 1 beef bouillon cube, 1 cup of hot water.  Mix the miso and bouillon in the water, stir until everything is dissolved.


Chicken and ground beef works good instead of stew meat.

Green onions go really well in this soup

If you want an extra strong flavor add a spoon of miso paste into the water with the noodles as you boil them

If you want to get really crazy zucchini noodles make an excellent substitute for rice noodles.

Lunch Tips:

Cook and mix all of the ingredients into your meal prep containers.  DO NOT add eggs or the broth.  Essentially you are packing a “dry” lunch.  Keep the shell on the eggs and pack it in your lunch box.  Hard boiled eggs last longer with their shells on.  I don’t shell my eggs until I am ready to eat them.  In a mason jar add a spoon of miso paste and an unwrapped beef bouillon cube. Pack all of those in your lunch box.

When it is time to eat.  Microwave the dry ingredients for 2 minutes.  Add hot water to the jar with the miso paste and bouillon cube.  Shake the jar until the bouillon cube is dissolved (the miso paste takes a while to dissolve don’t worry about it if it is still a little chunky.  Shell the egg.  Add the chopped up egg to the dry ingredients.  Pour the broth over the dry ingredients and stir until the miso paste and broth is mixed up with all the ingredients.

Packing “dry” ingredients keeps things from leaking all over your lunch box.  Also when you reheat your lunch it gives it a freshly cooked feel to your lunch.



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