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Martial arts is an amazing sport and way of life.  It can teach balance, control, grace, and force.  However, to be truly good at martial arts you need to have a body that can support your training.  There are many different types of fitness, so how do you know which ones are right for Martial arts?

From my personal experience as an international competitor training and fighting with other top athletes, I have noticed a few similarities between all the greats.  Top martial artists have speed, agility, flexibility, and strength. The balance between those is tricky.  Beware of getting too distracted by strength training and muscle.  I made that mistake when I started training for the world championship.  I lifted weights because I was good at it, it felt good, and for me, it was easier than training cardio.  It’s not that I skipped cardio, I worked hard on that too.  I gained weight and bulked up for my competitions.  My hard work paid off and I won multiple world championship medals.  Later, when I got back I shifted my fitness training, slimmed down, and focused on my agility.  I’m now 30 lbs lighter than I was at my competition weight, but I am lifting more weights, running faster, and have far better flexibility.  A lot of fitness training is about working smarter instead of harder.

This is an example of what I mean.  These pictures are about a year apart.  The picture of me in the blue shirt is the more recent picture.  I can lift more weights in all areas, I can run longer and faster, recoveries are quick as well.  Having huge bulging muscles is beautiful in its own way.  They are great for powerlifting, for fighting the extra bulk zaps your energy and gets in the way.

Don’t forget nutrition has a big part to play in this balance as well.  That is why I have developed the Iron-Warrior System to help bring the three elements that make a good martial artist great to light.  Those elements are martial arts skills, fitness, and nutrition.  Check out the Iron-Warrior System page for great free resources.  In addition, be sure to follow our blog.  I will be posting my fitness tips, journey, and lessons I have learned from training my body to be the best tool I have for Martial Arts.

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