New Certification!

It was with great honor that I received an instructor certification for Pinto Blade and Impact Tactics (PBIT) governed by FMS-Alliance-Fighting Martial System. It has been a year of hard work, back yard training, and hundreds of hours of training to get this far.  I have been privileged to train directly with the founder of the PBIT system.  The PBIT system was designed to be a Mixed Martial Arts system for street survival.  It is a deeply practical system meant for law enforcement, military, and self-defense.

Instructor Certification

A typical week of training for me starts with 4-5 hours of direct instruction with the founder, Master Pinto, on both Saturday and Sunday mornings.  During the week I spend 1 hour a night working out and another hour training each night.  On my rest day, and any other spare time I hit the books studying theory, philosophy, and concepts for this style and other martial styles.  I am the first person in the United States to be an authorized instructor for PBIT by the founder.  This authorization to teach is one step closer to getting a black belt in this style.


PBIT with the FMS-Alliance-Fighting Martial System is a complete system designed to be an MMA system for street survival.  It has elements from multiple different martial arts systems that Master Pinto has spent a lifetime studying.  PBIT has Wing Chun, Muay Thai, Filipino Boxing, and much more.  It employs highly effective combinations, grappling, pressure points, and weapons training.  There are a lot of similarities between this style and other MMA styles.  However, where PBIT stands apart it is not limited by the rules of a sports match.  There are breaks, joint manipulation, and head butts that are not allowed in an MMA match.  These techniques are included to train and prepare people of any body type to defend themselves.  Empowering the weak is one of the fundamental principles of martial arts.


If you would like to train in this amazing system we are offering private lessons – Private Lesson Sale – this summer we will be offering camps and intensive training.  If you don’t want to wait that long.  We also have online classes – https://www.patreon.com/ironsidemc

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