Dancing and Martial Arts Footwork with Punching

Alas, I must draw this mini-series to a close.  I will end this mini-series with how footwork can greatly increase your power with punches.  A dancer’s feet are one of the most important things to her craft.  Her feet propel her forward, lift her to amazing heights, and can gracefully glide across the dance floor.  Understanding what parts of the feet give you agility, stability, and how to transfer your weight back and forth is key to creating graceful movements.  Once you understand the amazing power of your feet its time to align the rest of your body with the movement of your foundation.

Footwork and Punching

Understand your feet and what they can do for you in a fight. The balls of your feet give you speed and agility. Your heels ground you and give you pushing power. When it comes to mobility you want to use the balls of your feet.  As you move, keep your weight centered over your feet.  Imagine there is a string attached at the top of your skill, travels down your spine, and connects to the floor.  You want to keep that string as straight and upright as possible.  As you begin to move use your hip to start the movement followed by your shoulders and feet.  You want to make sure your foot is on the ground before you connect with your punch.  Timing is key to power generation.  Your foot connects to the ground propelling you forward, your shoulders are already rotating into the punch, all that power is traveling from the ground up your body and out your fist.  It takes large movements to train muscle memory and timing.  Then as you get the hang of it to make your movements smaller and smaller.  Who knows you may even master the 5-inch punch with enough training.

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