Dancing and Martial Arts Footwork made Fun

Footwork is the foundation of both martial arts and dancing.  Combine footwork with core body movements and you can generate huge amounts of power your individual muscles would never be able to create on their own.

Footwork made Fun Video


Never underestimate the power of balance and posture.  There is no guarantee that your opponent will fight like an upstanding English Boxer with proper regard for rules and forms.  In fact, you will never fight someone like that.  It is more likely you will come face to face with someone who will want to close and go in for a grapple.  Your balance and quick reflexes might be the only thing that keeps you from getting thrown to the ground.  The power and flow you generate to move your feet translates to speed and power with your kicks and punches.  Play around with the angle of your feet.  Test to see if they give you a better balance or not.  Learning your body and changing these angles are all factors into turning a martial arts technique into one of your own.

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