Dancing: Martial Arts Secret Weapon Part 4 Kicking

Time to shift gears with this project.  I have set down my lovely toys and shifted my attention to kicking.  Kicking is often dismissed as ineffective because most people can’t do it right.  You can have beautiful looking kicks with no power.  You can have very strange looking kicks that send people flying.  The combination of the two is very difficult and takes time to learn.  My solution?  Dancing of course.  The free-flowing movement of dance can help develop the muscle control needed for beautiful and powerful kicks.

Part 4: Kicking

Hip rotation and agility are essential when it comes to developing powerful kicks.  You might be noticing a common theme with this mini-series…it’s all about those hips.  The rotation starts by engaging your core, moving your hips, then it travels down your leg.  One of the biggest mistakes beginners have with kicking is always focusing on their foot.  If you get your hip and knee aligned correctly your foot will be correct.  If your hip and knee are not working together your foot will always be pointing in the wrong direction.  Developing a strong core with your kicks will also help you maintain balance.  Never underestimate the importance of developing strong core muscles.  They are quite literally the core of your strength.

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