Real Mexican Tacos

This meal is an experiment to recreate a taco filling I had from an incredibly yummy authentic Mexican food truck. One of the biggest reasons I meal prep is to kick my fast food habit.  I have never been a big fan of the taste of fast food.  However, when I’m hungry the last thing I want to do is cook.  These easy meals are the perfect solution.

There are two versions to this meal; steak and chicken.  For the “Steak” I use lean hamburger.  For the chicken, I get the pre-cooked bags of grilled chicken in the frozen food aisle.  The reason for the precooked chicken is to save on time.  Even with meal prep I work a full-time job, plus running my martial arts gym, plus training, plus working out 6 days a week, plus… you get the idea.  Time is a precious commodity.


Lean Hamburger or Grilled Chicken




Green Salsa


Side of Broccoli

Cooking Instructions

Put the meat in a frying pan and cook.  As you are cooking you can add a little lime juice or salt for some extra flavor.  I don’t tend to, but I also don’t like the taste of salt much.  As the meat is cooking chop up the onions and cilantro.  Start cooking the Broccoli on the side as well.  Once the meat is cooked add it to your meal prep containers.  On top of the meat add the chopped up onions and cilantro to taste (can’t really do too much).  Then add 2-3 tablespoons of green salsa on top.  Then drain and add the steamed broccoli to the side.  Last, but one of the more important steps add a few slices of limes to your container.  When you heat it up remember to remove the limes.

If you are not worried about carbs add a few corn tortillas to eat with your taco filling.

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Click below for all of my recipes.  They work great for people who are short on time.  These meals take 30 minutes or less to cook.  Most of these meals are low in carbs and organized for a Macro based diet.  They are tasty, cheap, fast to cook, and really great for you.


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