Knightly: creed and way of life

What does it mean to live a knightly life? What does it mean to train as a knight? For anyone who believes martial arts, re-enactment, or even the gaming world is more than just a hobby will ask themselves these questions at some point in their journey.

For some, they are inspired by TV shows such as the “Vikings” or “Mandalorian.” Where being armed and dangerous is an almost religious experience for them. It connects them to an elemental and base instinct of survival that cannot be denied. It brings them strength and makes them feel empowered in an ever increasingly dangerous world.

For others, they are inspired by a love of history. The romantic eras where men were gallant defenders of women’s honor. They would train to bring fortune and honor to themselves and their futile lords. From a time in history where people were guided by their passion and thirst for life.

Yet others are more grounded in the here and now. They want practical skills in modern combat. The “John Wicks” of the world, who are slow to anger but fierce in their retribution.

No matter your reasons for training at some point your skills need to be contained within a creed or code of ethics. A guiding principle to temper and forge the true heart of a warrior. Without a creed or philosophy “martial arts would be like sailing on the ocean without a compass or charts” (De Alba). You become a victim of the currents, and what warrior wants to be a victim controlled by the whims of fate? “The martial arts lifestyle goes beyond the survival-oriented street fighters mentality into the philosophical, yet it can still maintain a fierce warrior’s attitude” (De Alba). With that in mind Ironside Medieval Combat has adopted the Modern Farang Mu Sul Creed:

Modern Farang Mu Sul Creed:


Correctness in Attitude

Excellence in Training

Directness in Action

Effectiveness in Combat

Humility in Heart

Strength in Character

Freedom in ExpressionTriangle Logo

Thirst in Knowledge

Power in Truth

Respect in Wisdom

Interactions on Social Media

We unfortunately live in a world where every aspect of our lives is put on public display. The display is an open door to ridicule, criticism, and negativity. In today’s world, there are staggering rates of anxiety, mental health struggles, and feelings of isolation. Now more than ever it is important to remember who we are and embrace our inner warrior. Respect and courtesy are my guiding principles, especially when it comes to interactions on Social Media. I also believe when good people do nothing and allow evil to happen, they are part of the problem. With that in mind I have established rules for interactions on my social media pages:

1. Stay positive with your interactions. If you can’t say something nice don’t say anything at all. This goes back to “Strength in Character”

2. Constructive Feedback and open dialog are welcome. Keyboard warriors are not. “Thirst in Knowledge, Power in Truth, Respect in Wisdom” they are more than just words.

3. You are welcome to feel proud of your sport or style of martial arts. That does not give you the right to publicly bash, talk down on, or humiliate other groups. “Freedom of Expression” is tempered with “Humility in Heart”

I have an unorthodox approach to martial arts. I very much believe in cross training, understanding how the body works, and developing a framework for training. For my training methods and philosophy, you are welcome to check out my website, social media pages, and YouTube channel. I am constantly creating and sharing training information for free. I do this because I have a love for martial arts and want to help people become better warriors. If you choose to join me on this path walk with your head held high, treat others with respect and courtesy, and those things will be extended to you in return.



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