Dancing: Martial Arts Secret Weapon Part 3

Here is the third video for my mini-series “Dancing: Martial arts secret weapon.” In the first post, “Dancing: Martial Arts Secret weapon.,” I covered warrior cultures who teach dancing as part of their warrior training.  In the second post, “Dancing: Martial Arts Secret Weapon Part 2,” I focused on body movement and transitions. This video covers the 5 basic attack angles most bladed weapons styles use. In this video pay close attention to how the length and weight of the weapon change the body movement. There are subtle shifts in the wrist, shoulder, and hips. Those subtle shifts can easily double your power and effectiveness. I have a playlist on my YouTube channel with all the videos I have and will create for this mini-series.  The YouTube channel is called Ironside Medieval Combat and the playlist is called “Dancing vs Martial Arts.”

Part 3


The type of weapon greatly changes how and why you should move.  A knife is a small and short weapon.  The trick is to keep your arms close to your body.  Small efficient movements that are quick.  The more you move your arm away from your body the more wasted energy you have, and the slower you will be.  A machete is longer and heavier, which means you also have a high risk to your hand.  Machetes don’t have handguards.  To protect your hands try cutting with the tip of the weapon.  You still need to keep your elbow tucked to protect your arm from getting cut.  That means you have to use your shoulder and hip movements to move a longer weapon and generate power.  Last is a dancing sword or saber.  Due to the curve of the blade, length, and extra weight it cuts with the blade more than the tip.  Again there isn’t a handguard, and sadly no armor, so keep your elbows safe and tucked close to the body.  Shoulders and hips are used for the same reasons as the machete.  With the dancing sword, I used my wrist to keep the blade in constant movement.  Small movements of the wrist translate to big movements of the blade.  When it comes to dancing and play that is pretty and fun.  When it comes to fighting that can be sloppy.  Start with big movements then develop the muscle control to generate power without showing off with the blade.

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