Dancing: Martial Arts Secret Weapon Part 2

In the previous post on this topic, “Dancing: Martial Arts Secret weapon,” I examined a few warrior cultures that required their fighters to learn dance as part of their training.  It’s fascinating to look at all the cultures throughout history that have dance as a core to their martial arts training.  However, In this post I would like to examine why dancing is so important.  In response to this quest I have created a mini series of videos addressing how dance can benefit martial arts training.  I have a playlist on my YouTube channel with all the videos I have and will create for this mini series.  The YouTube channel is called Ironside Medieval Combat and the playlist is called “Dancing vs Martial Arts.”

Part 2

In this video I explain the basic differences between a knife, machete, and dancing sword.  I am doing the same block and counter with all three weapons.  The purpose is to demonstrate how cross training can give you extra benefits in your movement, timing, and transitions.  Pay attention to the subtle differences the different weapons styles call for.  Those subtleties are where true mastery and artistry comes from.  A few of the subtleties in this video that were not explained.  First the size and weight of the weapon determines how much of the body you will need to put into your block and counter.  Knives are small and fast, likewise the movements are tight and quick.  Machetes are bigger and can have a fair bit of power behind them.  That means you have to use your legs to get under the block using your skeletal structure to maximize your strength in reinforcing your block.  The dancing sword is longer it requires shoulder, hips, and legs to move it around gracefully.  Incidentally the shoulder, hip, and leg motion is the exact same motion I use to maximize my strength in full steel fighting. When you generate power from your core your stamina increases, you can hit power shots over and over again, and your accuracy stays consistent.

Stay tuned for the next installment of this mini series.  Until then:

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