Mediterranean Bowl

I have a few different versions of this meal prep bowl depending on what types of flavors you are looking for.  All of them I find are incredibly delicious just depends on how much vegetables and prep time you want to put into it.

Simple Version:

1 pound ground beef – I usually use the most lean meat I can find 93%

Salt – to taste

Slices of lime or lemon – to taste

Salsa – I like using southwest flavor

Feta cheese – to taste

Cooking instructions:

Cook the meat until brown and mix in the salt.  Drain the grease.  Load the meat into your meal prep bowls or plate.  Put feta cheese and then salsa on top of the meat.  Squeeze the lime or lemon over the the meat right before servings.

Optional add-ins:

Cilantro, onions, garlic, lemon juice, all mixed into the meat as you cook it.

I usually fix steamed broccoli as a side to this dish.  Makes a really yummy and complete meal.

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