Private Lesson Sale

During the winter months we are offering private lessons.  This allows students to customize the weapon, empty hand, and dancing styles the would like to learn.  For a full list of our classes please visit “Classes Offered.” We are offering three discount pricing packages:

Buy One Get One Free:

Private lessons are one hour long.  Prices start off at $60 an hour.  For your first lesson you get a two hour class for the price of one.  This class gives you a great preview into our curriculum and teaching style.

5 Class Package:

With a 5 class package we will discount $10 a class.  That gives you a $50 discount. The benefits of private classes gives you a flexible schedule and customized class curriculum that is designed for your specific interest and learning style.

10 Class Package:

With a 10 class package we will discount $20 a class.  That gives you a $200 discount.  This package is for the dedicated student who is looking at advancing through multiple weapon styles and empty hand curriculums combined.


Online ClassesIf you live too far away to join us at our physical location have no fear, we are now offering online classes!  We have been working hard to make our training easier and more available for our supporters.  We now have a way for people to train with us no matter where they are.  To make this even better we are offering different courses and tiers, so you have the chance to choose your interest and payments.  Sign up now and begin your training! https://www.patreon.com/ironsidemc 


Here is a free peak into some of our training drills and philosophy


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With all the exciting things happening this year, we would love to share this amazing training with our community to help inspire a love for martial arts.  You can help support these programs by following and sharing our various social media pages.  There is a Facebook Page, Instagram Account, and YouTube Channel dedicated to Ironside Medieval Combat.  Check out these pages, share them, talk about them , and together we can make Martial Arts an inspiration for generations yet to come.

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