Spaghetti Bowl

For anyone who has not had the pleasure of meeting me in person I am tall with a strong build. In other words I look like a brunette Viking with a tendency to favor swords and meat. If left unchecked my diet would be nothing but meat, cheese, and delicious carbs….However, I don’t have the active farm, looting, and pillaging lifestyle of a Viking. That means I need to add more vegetables into my diet. I did meal prep this weekend, and wanted to actually eat the meals before sharing them. I wasn’t sure how tasty they would come out. The experiment was making a veggie filled spaghetti sauce. I added half an onion, 5 cloves of garlic, 3-4 celery sticks, 2 carrots, spaghetti sauce, and 1 lb of 95% ground beef. Mixed it all up and cooked it until the beef was brown and the carrots were soft. Then I added a little mozzarella cheese and black olives. It made 4 meals. My other meals for the week was my Mediterranean bowl I have cooked before. For a side I had steamed broccoli or spring mix salad. I was really surprised at how good this turned out. The one thing that always shocks me about vegetables is how much more I have to eat of them to feel full. Part of having a healthy and balanced lifestyle is eating right!

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