We are back!

The long wait is finally over.  After taking a few months off we are now accepting students again.  During the winter students will be trained in private classes only.  This summer we will start to offer summer camps with specific themes based on the numerous new classes and styles that have been added to the Ironside Curriculum.  We are working on revamping and updating the website our new prices and class descriptions will be posted soon.  To give you a sneak peak our new classes will include:

New Classes offered

  • European Medieval Longsword
  • European Medieval Sword and Shield
  • European Medieval Polearm
  • Filipino Martial Arts – Filipino Boxing and Escrima (stick fighting)
  • Farang Mu Sul (Korean Martial Arts)
  • Pinto Blade and Impact Tactics
  • Self Defense
  • Online classes and training

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With all the exciting things happening this year, we would love to share this amazing training with our community to help inspire a love for martial arts.  You can help support these programs by following and sharing our various social media pages.  There is a Facebook Page, Instagram Account, and YouTube Channel dedicated to Ironside Medieval Combat.  Check out these pages, share them, talk about them , and together we can make Martial Arts an inspiration for generations yet to come.

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