Closed Fourth of July

I have always felt incredibly grateful for being born in America. However, my pride in my country swelled when I wore the symbols of my country fighting in a world championship. When I stepped onto the field I was not Janeal Ironside I was team USA. When my teammates stepped on the field they weren’t East Coast verse West Coast. My teammates weren’t male or female. We were all team USA. We were all working as hard as we possibly could to bring honor to that title. It was one of the few times I felt truly connected to the men and women who had traveled across the ocean to represent this amazing place we call home. Once experienced you can never really leave. No matter how bad it gets or how much we disagree with the policies our leaders make we are still part of America. One of the things that brings us all together is the celebration of the birth of this great nation. With that in mind we are canceling our classes on the Fourth of July. Go out and enjoy this time with your family and friends. We will see you in class this Saturday.

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