Clocks and Angles: Martial Art’s Math

To understand martial arts is in some ways sparing with geometry.  Understanding angles of attack, footwork, the degree your sword should swing in, all of these concepts are based on geometry.  There are two ways of learning this concept: the first is a clock system, the second is angles.









For both these systems picture the fighter standing in the center facing 12 o’clock or standing on B facing A.  The clock system works using 30 degree angles.  Every hour is 30 degrees on the 360 degrees of a circle.  The angle system starts off with using 90 and 45 degrees for beginners and works it’s way up to incorporating more degrees.

Often times martial arts gyms incorporate a footwork star to help give visuals for new fighters.  Fighters will stand on the star placing their feet on the different angles to learn how to move and direct their angles of attack.

The next time you are working on footwork and positioning think about what system works best for you.  The more you develop a deeper understanding of your art the better you will become.

For Ironside Medieval Combat training we focus on the angle system.  We use a variety of tools and ways to teach our fighters how to move around their opponent.  This system helps develop a solid foundation for fighters to build their skills upon.  If you would like to learn more stop by and give one of our classes a try for free!

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