Colorado Medieval Festival Adventures

We had an amazing event at Colorado Medieval Festival. I’m incredibly proud of your young students. They were able to take their fighting to a new level by adding armor and harder hitting swords. Students start with soft foam swords. As they develop their skills and build muscle they add armor and change to wooden swords. I’m very impressed with how hard these three work. They are facing all the challenges we can throw at them. It isn’t easy fighting in front of large crowds of people, however, they did it wilt amazing skill and grace. Keep training kids and grow into outstanding knights.

One of the many fighting demonstrations we did at the Colorado Medieval Festival was Battle of the Roses. During this demonstration the crowd can sponsor a fighter for $1. If that fighter wins the fight he will present his sponsor with a rose. This was a fun way to get the crowd invested in the fighters and this sport we love so much. We had people young and old enjoy or show and win roses. The fighters were really great about making sure their sponsors felt special. This is how incredible memories are made, how we build a loyal fan base, and encourage our fighters.

Fighters were competing in extremely hot conditions this past weekend, so we created a new game to help them keep cool. One of the themes for our demonstrations was Trial by Combat. Members of the audience were able to buy arrest warrants for a $1 and challenge their friends to a Trial by Combat. Our fighters were their champions and would fight to see which of the audience members would have to go to jail for a picture. However, this year we added a new twist. The audience could also purchase water balloons to throw at the fighters while they were competing. This helped keep the fighters cool, the dust down on the field, and got the audience involved. I was amazed at how popular this was for everyone. We went through 500 water balloons in two days. Definitely remembering this one for next year!

Between our shows, while the fighters were getting a break, we had some fun games for everyone to play. We hosted two styles of games at the Colorado Medieval Festival. The whole idea behind these games was for people to have fun, hit each other with foam swords, get wet and cool down, and most important develop a love for our sport. Participants could battle it out individually or on teams. They had different goals to achieve with each of our games. Some times they would have to capture a flag while defending their own. Other times they practiced their accuracy by hitting water balloons out of the sky. Other times they had fun ruthlessly going after our amazing support staff. Not everyone is willing to put on armor and get hit full force by an axe wielding knight. That doesn’t mean they have no future as a sword fighter. There are many ways, and levels of intensity a person can train at. The important part is to have fun as you learn martial arts. It is a proven fact that people learn best when they enjoy what they are doing. We teach sword fighting in a variety of ways to make sure everyone has an opportunity to learn!

A heartfelt thank you to all of our amazing support staff and fighters for making our demonstration at the Colorado Medieval Festival a success. It takes a metric ton of work to pull these events off. Fighters are having to stay in 60-80lbs of armor all day in the hot sun. Constantly on display for everyone at the fair. The quiet and often overlooked support staff run around like crazy doing every job imaginable. They make sure everyone is drinking water, selling tickets for all our stuff, making sure our gear is accounted for, jumping into gear to fight themselves, the list goes on and on. It takes a team of people to make this all successful. I am incredibly blessed to have such amazing and hard workers! Thank you everyone who came out to support us!

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