The “fake” rules of dieting- April Nutrition

Anyone who survived through the 80s and 90s should be familiar with the fake rules of dieting. Such as a Diet Coke cancels out that order of French fries. My favorite, a salad cancels out desert. Sadly, good nutrition isn’t that simple or easy to manipulate. A certified nutritionist can certainly help you navigate through the sudo science that is “dieting.” However, you have to be honest with them and with yourself. That honesty starts with keeping a detailed food log. Nutrition is based on science and data. A nutritionist has studied the science, however they need the data that is specific to you to give you the best advice.

That is where the food log and fitness journaling comes in handy. I keep a log of my workouts, martial arts training, nutrition, and injuries. For the beginner simply keeping a basic record of what you eat and drink on a daily basis for a few weeks can make all the difference. At first don’t worry about the exact measurements, its more important to see the grand picture. This is the data the you and a nutritionist can use to learn what you need to add or take out of your diet.

Just recently I noticed an increase in injuries when I stopped eating certain foods. Upon further investigation I was low on magnesium and a few other vitamins found in foods such as spinach, cashews, almonds, certain fish, and pumpkin seeds. I made a few adjustments and my aches and pains were reduced. This same principle can apply to energy levels, muscle gains, mood, and so much more. So, many times an athlete’s battle is won or lost in the kitchen. You have worked so hard and put in hundreds of hours into your fitness it would be a shame to loose that hard work to something that can easily be fixed. Work hard, eat clean, and become the best version of yourself that you can!

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