Meal Prep – April Nutrition

When trying to follow the hard path of adjusting your diet to reflect your desire to be an athlete making sure you eat right all the time can be hard. It is so easy to just go and pick up something quick and not healthy. That is where meal prep comes in.

Meal prep is the practice of pre-making your food for the week so you don’t have an excuse to cheat! This will also give you more time during the week to make sure you can get your training in and not have to plan for cooking as much. Pick meals that are healthy and that you enjoy. After that make up enough of them for all the days that you know you wont have time to eat, mostly this ends up being your normal work week. The easiest ways to start is with simple meals, think chicken breast and veggies, quick and easy.

Doing meal prep will help you cut out the bad food that is so easy to get and help push you to being a more healthy athlete by removing a stressor of having food easily ready.

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