Supplementation lamentation – April Nutrition

While the food you eat is the best source of your bodys needs when it come to nutrition, sometimes a person cannot get exactly what they need from just food alone. That is where supplements come in. Supplements can be your basic multivitamin, a protein shake or even a specialized regiment of vitamins, minerals and all the other building blocks the body may need.

While building themselves up an athlete will need different nutritional items depending on their goals and activities. With that, it may be hard for a person to eat enough of the source of a specific item and still be able to fuel the rest of the body properly or maintain the calorie intake they are looking to maintain. So by using supplements they can bring in each of these needed things and take greater control of what they put in their body.

When looking into supplementing your nutrition it is alway best to ask someone with experience. If you are just taking in extra of something and your body has no use for it then your body will most likely just remove it, a total waste right? The other concern is putting too much of something in the body. Too much of anything can be bad, so make sure you don’t over do it, asking and making sure is better than hurting your progress by guessing.

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