Belly Dancing Lessons have been added to our Online Class

The first week’s lesson videos and mini choreography has been posted to our new online belly dancing class. Begin your journey down the path of dance and awaken your inner warrior. This week’s lesson breaks down the dance moves show in the video. Classes are limited to the first 20 people.

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5 thoughts on “Belly Dancing Lessons have been added to our Online Class

  1. This is not a dance Page it is for martial arts only please do not send any more belly dancing announcement’s thank you.
    Your’s truly
    Dale Roberts Grand Master

    1. Dale I appreciate your passion and enthusiasm for martial arts. Ask yourself what is a Kata if not a form of choreography and stylized dance? We teach a variety of weapons work at Ironside Medieval Combat including sword dancing and spear dancing. All of the strikes, blocks, and control needed in fighting have been fully integrated into our dance program along with a few tricks to make it look pretty. Throughout time many cultures have used dance to teach forbidden fighting techniques and to prepare for battle. Dancing is a part of Ironside.

      1. I appreciate your thoughts but my website is not for belly dancing I’m sorry for the late reply please don’t post anything else like that thank you for your help

      2. I believe you are mistaken on the website part. This is the blog owned and operated by Ironside Medieval Combat. You are set as a subscriber which means you receive notifications when things are posted. If you check the URL of the site it says ironsidemc.org

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