Thursday Drill 3/28 – March of the Drills

All the pieces from this week’s free drills are starting to come together.  Our drills are all part of a bigger system built on training and years of experience.  The practice is extremely important when learning martial arts, but so is variety and changing your sparring partners.  Keep the predictability of the techniques but change your approach, stance, partners, armor, and not armor.  This training will start to prepare you for the real thing.  Variety makes for a stronger fighter.

Behind Hip Toss

This is one of my favorite and most successful throws.  The great thing this throw doesn’t require both arms.  Meaning if you are fighting multiple opponents you can still do this throw.  Another great part of this throw you can do it if you are exhausted or fighting hurt.  With proper body mechanics and timing, this throw takes very little energy to execute.  This drill starts off with two people in a tight clinch, one is your teammate, and the other your opponent.  Approach your opponent from behind.  Make sure you get these steps in the correct order, if not this throw will be really difficult and chances of success will go down.  First, reach around and control your opponent’s head.  If you can get your arm across their face and blind them.  Once you have control of your opponent’s head you need to break their centerline.  The easiest way to do that is by kneeing your opponent in the tailbone as you pull their head back to your shoulder.  Once you have control of your opponent’s head tell your teammate to push.  This will allow your teammate to disengage.  Once your teammate is disengaged take a shuffle step back and twist allowing your opponent to slide down your leg.


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