Wednesday Drill 3/27 – March of the Drills

Never underestimate the power of drills. They are a great way to train instincts and overcome weaknesses in your fighting style. Just remember the power of a drill is how you use it and how often you practice it. For this month we are providing tons of free drills for people to use and practice with. The martial arts community has been around for thousands of years due to the amazing camaraderie of its practitioners. We hope these drills help you. If you like them please leave a comment or give us a five-star review.


Grappling Defensive Stance

Many times beginner fighters freeze when they are rushed with an aggressive opponent who charges straight in for a grapple. When that happens the more aggressive fighter grabs their opponent’s shoulders and throws their opponent before they have time to think. This is the exact type of throw shown in yesterday’s drill Grappling Footwork: Basics. When you were experimenting with different stances during the Push-Pull Drill, you might have learned that the more narrow your stance the harder it is to push you back, however, you are vulnerable to a side attack. However, for this drill that extra strength to a front attack is exactly what you need. When your opponent rushes straight at you meet their aggression with your own. Step directly into their attack, make sure you place your lead foot in between your opponent’s feet. Reach an arm around their back, make sure you are not crossing over your centerline. Sink your weight on your hips, like what you learned from the Push-Pull Drill. If you get the timing and placement down for this drill take it one step further and do a forward hip toss.

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