Tuesday Drill 3/26 – March of the Drills

March of the Drills is giving you a sneak peak into our training methods.  These drills build skills in layers each one this week is adding to the others.  Monday worked on body mechanics and balance today is focusing on footwork.  All of these drills are a small part of our fighting system integrated into our Iron-warrior system.  To be a top-level martial artist you have to have a solid foundation of good habits and take care of your body.  Those foundations start with fitness, skill work, and nutrition.  In February we focused on fitness, March is skill work with drills, and April will be Nutrition.  Be sure to follow our blog, Facebook page, or Instagram account for all the latest updates and tips.

Grappling Footwork: Basics

This drill was originally designed to help beginner fighters grapple with a polearm without going down themselves (which happens all too often).  The Push-Pull Drill teaches fighters to counterbalance with their hips and head as an opponent tries to move you around.  This drill combines that balance with Descressere stepping method and the circling steps from Circle Drill #1.  Make sure to keep the pressure on the shoulders pushing both down and pulling your opponent toward you. This will through them off balance.  The tricky part is maintaining your own balance as you step backward. Use your hips to counterbalance the pressure you are putting on your opponent.  Keep your feet balanced want wide apart this will make it harder for your opponent to through you.  Take small aggressive steps backward as you circle.  The circling part is important, it will make your opponent take bigger steps than you have to.  It will also force them to counter in two different directions.  It should give you an opportunity to through them.



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