Monday Drill 3/25 – March of the Drills

Welcome back to our last week of free drills. This week we are going to focus on grappling, and more specifically takedowns. Takedowns in armor are vastly different than it is in a judo gi. A lot of the takedowns we are going to cover this week require body awareness and balance. With that in mind, our first drill is a great one to help develop that sixth sense.


Push-Pull Drill

There is a lot of variations you can do with this drill. Changing the position of the feet, starting close, or far apart. The important part is not moving your feet. This drill will help develop your balance and timing. Eventually, you are using your head and hips to counter what your partner is doing. Start off in any stance you want. Grasp your partner’s forearms, one hand under, and one hand over as shown in the video. You can only push and pull with your arms, no head butts, or other crazy things. Experiment with different stances and learn the strengths and weaknesses of each. This drill is a great core workout and makes for a good warmup before practice. The first person to move one of their feet loses.


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