Thursday Drill 3/21 – March of the Drills

Our March of the Drills continues! As you work through these drills your confidence and understanding for the fighting system framework being taught will grow. You may even start to question the drill with “what if I step a different way?” or “what if I change this part?” Those questions are perfectly normal and show a great understanding of what you are trying to learn. I encourage you to try those different steps and strikes, really make these drills your own!

One word of caution with shifting these drills. If you change them pay very close attention to the openings or weakness you creat with that. No stance is perfectly defensive and offensive at the same time. Everything has a strength and a weakness. Learn to see the weakness in your stance and your opponents. It will help you become a better fighter.

Speed Drill Part 2: Adding Footwork

Today’s drill is taking the striking movements learned in the Speed Drill combined with the steps learned from the Sawtooth Drill. Ideally, you will want to work with a partner for this drill. However, it can be done with a training pell as well. Your partner will not move their feet in this drill. They are going to throw an on side strike then block your strike. You will start by blocking, then step in a direction to throw your strike. This is developing your transitions from defense to offense along with learning to take advantage of your opponent’s momentary weakness as they recover from their strike.


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