Wednesday Drill 3/20 – March of the Drills

The March of the Drills free peak into Ironside training is well on it’s way. In celebration of the middle of the week we have a fun treat with this drill. Drilling by yourself and on a pell is a great way to build a foundation. However, it is important to apply your new-found skills against real people. For this drill you will need a partner, training is always more fun with friends. If you like these drills please leave a comment or five star review!


5 Strike Drill

The 5 Strike Drill is an application of skills. One person will focus on blocking and footwork, however, they get 5 strikes to through at their opponent to keep things interesting. The second person will focus on offense and footwork. The five strikes thrown by the person working on defense will keep the offense opponent from getting lazy in their form. Start this drill off slow and really focus on your form. It is meant to train a fighter to start making connections and blending their skills together. This drill works for any and all weapon styles.


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