Tuesday Drill 3/19 – March of the Drills

Welcome back to another fun day of drills and training. This training is building layers to develop a complete fighting system. For this week we are combining the sword work from our first week with the footwork of our second week. The focus is on developing power, body mechanics, and timing.


Figure 8 Combo.

This drill is combining the Upper Figure 8 Strike with the Downward Figure 8 Strike along with the footwork from Circle Drill #2. In the video I am doing this drill with a longsword, however, this exact combo works well with sword and shield as well. Start with your sword leg forward, this gives you the maximum reach to start your attack at the far edge of your range. The sword strike is coming up to go for your opponent’s forearm. Step forward with your non-dominate leg. Make sure your foot is outside your opponent’s feet. That will place you on an off-angle that will give you more of a defensive advantage. Once you have stepped forward throw the downward figure 8 strike. When done right this is an extremely powerful combination.


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