Monday Drill 3/18 – March of the Drills

During the month of March we are posting free drills to give everyone a sneak peak to our training methods. We teach a complete fighting system, which means our drills build up one each other layering different skills together. The first week we focused on sword strikes. The second week we focused on footwork. This week we are combining the two to generate power, body mechanics, and timing.


Power and Body Mechanics: Rope with weight

Be careful with this drill! You will need about 3 feet of rope with some kind of weight on the end. I used a 2.5-pound weight. Do not go heavier than 2-3 pounds. You just need the weight to get the rope moving and feel the drag of the rope. Start with the rope a little shorter as you learn this drill, then you can go longer once you get the hang of it. Start by just swinging the rope around your head like a cowboy. Focus on the feel of your core muscles and how you are engaging your muscles with this movement. As you get used to the movement start to add steps. You want all of your muscles to move in the same direction driving your power into your opponent.


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