Thursday Drill 3/14 – March of the Drills

We teach a complete fighting system specifically designed for medieval combat, both armored and unarmored fighting.  Our system is called the Iron-Warrior System and consists of three parts: fitness, skill work, and nutrition.  For the month of March, we are posting free training drills as a sneak-peek into your skill work pillar for our Iron-Warrior System.

Circle Drill #2

This drill is taking the footwork taught from the Saw-tooth Drill and shifting it to a circle instead of a line.  This drill is still focusing on training a fighter how to switch their feet in a fight.  Keep in mind drills are designed to work a single focus point or single skill.  Once mastered these skills combine into a system.  For this drill fighters will start with their dominant foot forward and the non-dominate foot back.  They will step back with their dominant foot, both feet with be square to the center point of the circle.  Next step forward with the non-dominate foot.  At this point, the fighter should be in a fighting stance with a non-dominant foot forward.  Step forward with your dominant foot.  The fighter should be in a square stance close to the center point of the circle.  Last step back with your non-dominate foot.  The fighter should now be in the same stance they started in.  Repeat these steps as you go around the circle.



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