Wednesday Drill 3/13 – March of the Drills

The entire focus for our drills this week is footwork.  Often over looked and rarely appreciated footwork is one of the most essential parts of fighting.  Footwork is literally the foundation that all the rest of fighting techniques is built upon.  These drills can be incredibly powerful if practiced with focus and intent.  Each drill builds coordination and layers upon the skills of the other.



Saw-tooth Drill

Often during a fight, it is to the fighter’s advantage to switch their feet.  This drill helps develop the footwork and balance for a fighter to switch their feet.  Many new fighters have the bad habit of charging straight into a fight.  This leaves them open to counter attacks without an easy way to retreat.  Instead, if fighters can switch their feet and step offline this will not only open opportunities for them to land a strike it will give them away to retreat without getting hit.  When doing this drill keep your weight on the balls of your feet. Start with your dominant leg in front, and your feet shoulder-width apart.  Step back with your dominant leg, so you are standing square.  Then step forward with your non-dominate leg.  Your non-dominate leg should step in the same place the dominant leg started off.  Repeat this pattern as you go down the line.


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