Friday Drill 3/8 – March of the Drills

Here is the last free drill for this week. Every weekday for the month of March we will be posting free sneak previews into some of our training methods. Drills focus on very specific skills, however, if you shift the purpose of the drill you will find that one drill can train a multitude of skills. The below drill has a very similar block and strike from yesterday’s speed drill. The difference is the focus. Today’s drill is training the body for defense to offense and teaching the mind to respond to a fighter’s “tels.” A tel is when a fighter telegraphs what they are going to do right before they do it. Often times there is a moment when that fighter’s guard is down. If you have excellent timing you can take advantage of that moment and land a strike.


This drill is from new instructor Nelson Pinto. Elastico is an escrima drill. Escrima and unarmored sword fighting can teach great instincts, especially for a fighter that likes to play the range game. Elastico, in Portuguese, means rubber band and is referring to the back and forth movements of this drill. The version of the drill shown in the video is a beginner level drill. Once fighters get more experience then footwork and movements are added. When learning this drill have fighters stand so far away from each other it isn’t possible to touch one another. The first fighter leans in with a strike (it doesn’t matter what type of strike). The second fighter leans back as if they are dodging the strike. As soon as the first fighter’s strike passes the second fighter should lean forward to answer with their own strike. Remember the first part of this drill is about timing, going from defense to offense. Once fighters are comfortable with their timing they can blend this drill with yesterday’s speed drill.


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