Thursday Drill 3/7 – March of the Drills

For the month of March, we are giving people a free peak into our training drills that we teach and use often during our classes. Many of these drills work with different weapon styles. Meaning a strike done with a longsword can translate very well into a strike with a single hand sword. One just needs to make a few adjustments. We cover a wide range of weapon styles, and our philosophy is to create a foundational understanding of how the body moves to develop a well-rounded fighter. All week we have shown drills using a longsword. For today we are changing it up and showing a drill that works great for sword and shield.

Sword and Shield Speed Drill

Ideally, this drill should be done with a shield, however, we filmed it without shields so you could see what is happening better. This drill is designed to train muscle memory for going from defense to offense very quickly. Keep in mind a drill zeros in on very specific skills. The focus for this speed drill is one block and one strike. In Escrima, the block is called the roof. As soon as you make the block drop your elbow to your belly button for the strike. Once you get the strike immediately bring your sword back up for the block again. As you practice this drill get your shoulders and body rotation into the timing. One should never fight with just their arms. The more you over-exaggerate the motion when you are doing this slow and learning the easier it will be to train the smaller movements with speed.

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