Wednesday Drill 3/6 – March of the Drills

For the Month of March, we are offering Free training drills as a sample of the type of training we do at Ironside Medieval Combat.  We have custom developed a curriculum that has never been seen before.  This training curriculum is one of the three pillars of the Iron-Warrior System.  No matter how amazing the system it is up to the individual to build upon that foundation with dedication and hard work.

Figure 8 Upward Strike Drill

This drill is designed to practice an upward strike to the armpit or forearm.  The strike comes in at a 45-degree angle.  When practicing this strike on a straight pell like the one in the video it is normal for the sword to skip up.  Make sure your initial contact is edge-on at a 45-degree angle to the pell.  Be sure to over-exaggerate your movements as you learn this drill.  It’s about teaching your muscles timing and firing to add speed and power to your strikes.

If you like these drills and then you will love our classes!  Come give a class a try for free.

If you live too far away to join us at our physical location have no fear, we are now offering online classes!  We have been working hard to make our training easier and more available to our supporters.  We now have a way for people to train with us no matter where they are.  To make this even better we are offering different courses and tiers, so you have the chance to choose your interest and payments. Sign up now and begin your training! https://www.patreon.com/ironsidemc

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