Monday Drill 3/4 – March of the Drills

At Ironside MC we have developed a curriculum that has never been seen before.  We have taken years of study, thousands of hours of sparring, drills, tournaments, and much more and organized it in an easy to learn system.  For the month of March we are offering a free peak into our training methods and drills.


Power and Body Mechanics

On the surface this drill looks very simple, however, it is the foundation for all other strikes.  With this drill focus on getting the timing of your hips and shoulders down correctly.  To generate power it starts in the legs and hips.  The hips start moving forward, quickly followed by the shoulders, then the arms direct that power.  Once the power has been released the hips pull back, followed by the shoulders, last is the arms.  This turns every strike into a whip.  It also helps you conserve energy.  Many people overly rely on their arms for power, and wear out quickly during a fight.  A fighter that generates power using their body can easily conserve energy and fight all day long.


If you like these drills and then you will love our classes!  Come give a class a try for free.

If you live too far away to join us at our physical location have no fear, we are now offering online classes!  We have been working hard to make our training easier and more available for our supporters.  We now have a way for people to train with us no matter where they are.  To make this even better we are offering different courses and tiers, so you have the chance to choose your interest and payments. Sign up now and begin your training! https://www.patreon.com/ironsidemc

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